Pierre’s professional choreographic experience began in 2003 with the co-creation of the Givoilunes Dance Company in Bordeaux, France, with dancers Victor Launay (company Opinion Public, Belgium) and Maria Busson. The company, which toured through France, was formed to promote contemporary dance, performing on stage and  creating site-specific experience. Pierre choreographed "Is there anybody out there" and "Et Cupidon s’en fout" which was later integrated into the junior Ballet d’Aquitaine repertoire.

After moving to London in 2006, he choreographed the duet "Under the sign", which was highly acclaimed by London critics and press. This duet was later bought to be restaged on the Junior Dance Company Bari, Italy, 2013. Pierre has also choreographed two works commissioned by the Center for Advance Training program in London: "Surely There" and "Lightning Strikes". In 2013 and 2014 Pierre choreographed "With my own eyes" and "A Fluttering Pause",  both performed in France.

As a member of the Richard Alston Dance Company, Pierre has choreographed several short works and restaged some of the company repertoire for many dance institutions.

In 2015 Pierre choreographed "Related" a trio for ballet dancer Antonia Hewitt, hip hop dancer Liam Francis and contemporary dancer Stephen Wright.

In 2016 he choreographed "Wall" a contemporary solo for the ballet dancer Daniel Davidson.

More Recently Pierre choreographed "Together we stand', (2019) a group piece for the Clyde College of Glasgow.