About Pierre Tappon

Pierre Tappon was born in Angoulême, France. 

From the age of 15 Pierre started to develop a growing interest for photography. To explore this artistic field, he took a three years cinema and photography course at   the “Lycee de l’Image et du Son d’Angouleme”. He first worked on SLR cameras majorly in black-and-white and manually developed films and pictures. When DSLRs cameras became widespread Pierre embraced the new capability offered by the digital: better sensitivity to light, higher number of frames per seconds, shorter delay between photo-shot and postproduction picture, etc.

As well as being a photographer Pierre is an established  contemporary dancer in Europeen dance scene, performing for the Richard Alston Dance Company, Rambert, AFD Just Dance,..., . His work as a professional dancer gives him an eye for movement and an important ability to anticipate momentum and the peak movement: two of the most photographic moments in dance.